Troubleshooting problems connecting to a PowerSync Analyzer.

A successful host connection to a PowerSync Analyzer requires both ping and socket connections to TCP/IP port 23.

If you are having problems connecting to the instrument, check the following:

1) verify that the IP address, netmask, and gateway have been correctly configured for the instrument using the serial console.

Refer to the PSA-3000 Setup Manual section 3.5.5 for instructions about accessing the serial console, and configuring the IP address.

2) verify that the IP address that the instrument is configured with responds to a ping.

If you are not able to ping the instrument, verify that the host does not have a firewall that is blocking ping (ICMP protocol).

3) If you can ping the instrument, but are unable to connect from PowerShell PSA:

   A) if you used the serial console to configure the instrument’s IP address, be sure that menu item 3 was selected, to re-enable normal I/O.

   B) Verify that the host does not have a firewall that is blocking TCP/IP port 23 (‘well known’ telnet protocol).

Disconnect the serial console, and cycle power on the instrument. If you are still unable to connect, contact Sifos for technical support.

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