Sifos Technologies Announces the PoE Powered Device Conformance Test Suite for IEEE 802.3bt – March 11th, 2020

The Leader in Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Test introduces the fully automated PoE Powered Device Conformance Test Suite for IEEE 802.3bt for the PoE Powered Device Analyzer, PDA-604A, for 802.3at / 802.3bt.

Sifos Technologies ( announces the fully automated test suite for802.3bt PD’s, including PD’s that classify as Class 5-8, may be added to any PDA-604A that is already licensed for 802.3at PD Conformance Test (CT-AT). As an automated test suite, the 802.3bt PD Conformance Test Suite includes all of the features of the 802.3at test suite while adding many additional features including:

  • 4-pair powering with 4-quadrant polarity combinations
  • Multi-event classification measurements
  • Support for Type-3 and Type-4 single and dual signature PD’s
  • Power-demotion testing (emulatingType-1, Type-2, Type-3 PSE’s)
  • Class reset response
  • 802.3bt analysis of PSE MPS properties
  • 802.3bt LLDP protocol and power negotiation integrity

The 802.3bt PD Conformance Test Suite is furnished with a new test report that incorporates the many additional testparameters that are necessitated by the802.3bt standard. Limit checking is predicatedupon pre-test user declaration of PD signature type (single or dual) and PD classification (1-8or dual 1-5).

As with the 802.3at PD Conformance Test Suite, users are given control over test coverage by quadrant for both the passive andthe powered tests. User’s may also specify repeated test cycles to get repeatability metrics on all test parameters.

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