Introducing the 802.3bt Powered Device Conformance Test Suite for the PDA-604A

Sifos introduces the fully automated 802.3bt PoE Powered Device Conformance Test Suite for the PDA-604A

Sifos Technologies has introduced the industry’s only automated Conformance Test Suite for 802.3bt PD’s, including all PD’s that classify as Class 5-8 and Dual Class 1-5.  The test suite may be activated on any existing PDA-604A’s that are presently licensed for the 802.3at PD Conformance Test Suite (CT-AT).   With this test suite, combined with the powerful monitoring abilities of the PDA-604A, the promise of highly interoperable 802.3bt Powered Devices becomes a reality.

As an automated test suite, the 802.3bt PD Conformance Test Suite includes all of the features of the 802.3at test suite while adding many new features including:

  • 4-pair powering with 4-quadrant polarity combinations
  • Multi-event classification measurements
  • Support for Type-3 and Type-4 single and dual signature PD’s
  • Power-demotion testing (emulatingType-1, Type-2, Type-3 PSE’s)
  • Class reset response
  • 802.3bt analysis of PSE MPS properties
  • 802.3bt LLDP protocol and power negotiation integrity

The 802.3bt PD Conformance Test Suite is furnished with standardized test report that incorporates the many additional test parameters that are necessitated by the 802.3bt standard.   See the PDA-604A datasheet for further details


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