Sifos PSA 5.1.00 Release Available: Recommended Update for PSA, PSL, and PVA Customers

The PSA 5.1.00 Release includes important enhancements in the following areas:

New Tcl/Tk 8.6
PSA software version 5.1.00 runs on Tcl/Tk 8.6. The PSA 5.1.00 software installer for Windows will place Tcl/Tk 8.6 into a Sifos directory in a manner that is isolated from other (proprietary) versions of Tcl that may exist on the host computer and might otherwise interfere with PSA software functionality.

802.3bt 2-Pair Conformance Test
The 2-Pair PSE Conformance Test Suite and associated reporting have been extended to test 802.3bt Type-3, 2-pair PSE’s. Customers on Tracking Service may obtain the updated 2Pair CTS Key from the Sifos website in order to install the updated test suite. 802.3bt 2-Pair PSE testing may be sequenced from PSA Interactive or PowerShell PSA.

Faster PSA-3000 Communications
Under PSA 5.1.00 software, when connecting to a PSA-3000/PSL-3000 chassis, the communication speed between host PC and any test port will speed up by a factor between 10% and 50% depending upon PowerShell PSA command.  This means test suites and other custom test scripts will run faster.  Extended traces will upload faster and firmware updates will complete faster. NOTE! This enhancement requires updating PSA-3000/PSL-3000 controller firmware to version 3.18.

More Robust 802.3bt 4-Pair Power-Up Emulations
PSA 5.1.00 includes numerous improvements to 802.3bt 4-Pair power-up emulations and the
underlying power_bt PowerShell PSA command. In particular there are improvements with PSE’s that power 2-pair then revert to 4-pair, handling of PD class 0 cases, and more robust handling of LLDP negotiated powerups.

4-Pair, Dual-Trace Waveform Plotting
Given the Tcl/Tk 8.6 installation, PSA Interactive and PowerShell Wish will automatically begin to render dual plots of voltages and currents where appropriate.

PSA 5.0.01 also provides numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes over the PSA 5.0.00 release and is a recommended update to all customers of PSA / PSL / PVA instruments.

Access to Upcoming 4-Pair PSE Conformance Test Suite
Beginning with PSA 5.1 software, PSA-3000 instruments may be licensed to support the future 4-Pair PSE Conformance Test Suite. This will allow earlier adopters and Beta site customers to start working with this test suite on their 802.3bt Type-3 (4-Pair) and Type-4 PSE’s.

Access to Live PD Emulation and Multi-Port Test Suite for 2-Pair Type-3 PSE’s
In PSA Interactive 5.0, PSE’s declared as Type-3, 2-Pair can gain access to the PSE Conformance Test, Live PD Emulation, and Multi-Port Test Suite menus to support Live PD Emulation (emulating Type-1 and Type-2 PD’s and Multi-Port Testing, also emulating Type-1 and Type-2 PD’s).

PSA 5.1.00 Release Notes are available for more information on this topic.  Please let us know if you have any questions and we will certainly address.  Thank you.

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