Sifos Introduces PSL-3424: 24 Port x 100W Loading

The newest member of the PowerSync Analyzer family, the PSL-3424 Programmable Load, offers continuous 24-Port PoE loading up to 100W per port, emulating any 802.3bt or 802.3at PD independently on each port.  The PSL-3424 is fully supported by PSA Interactive (GUI) and PowerShell PSA (automation scripting) software offering many powerful testing features such as one-click, one-command PD power-up emulations, flexible metering of voltage/current/power, efficient configuration for chained data path testing, and optional PoE LLDP emulation and analysis.  The PSL-3424 includes industry certifications for safety (CSA) and RFI (CE, FCC) and offers a cooling system that is easy on the ears.

PSL-3424 Programmable Load

The PSL-3424 is offered as two models: The PSL-3424A, basic instrument without LLDP, and the PSL-3424L with PoE emulation and analysis.  Both models offer an optional, fully automated, PSE Quick Inspection Test and a specialized graphical user interface to configure and manage snaked data path with versatile PD emulation testing.  For further information, see the PSL-3424 datasheet.

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