PSA Software Version 5.2.02 Released

Sifos has released PSA software version 5.2.02 for use with all PowerSync Analyzer, PowerSync Programmable Load, and PhyView Analyzer instruments.  PSA version 5.2.02 includes enhancements affecting PSE Conformance Test Suites (2-Pair and 4-Pair) and also the PHY Performance Test Suite.  These are documented in the PSA 5.2.02 Release Notes.

More specifically, PSA 5.2.02 software adds 4-Pair (802.3bt) PSE DC Unbalance Tolerance testing (see DC Unbalance Tolerance application note) under the PhyView Analyzer’s Performance Test Suite and ads a preliminary EA GEN2 2-Pair PSE conformance test and test report.

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