PSA Software v5.1.07 Released

4-Pair 802.3bt PSE Conformance Test Suite Further Enhanced!       

PSA version 5.1.07 software for the PowerSync Analyzer, PhyView Analyzer, and PowerSync Programmable Load is now available for download. This version offers enhancements to improve adaptability and repeatability in the 4-Pair 802.3bt PSE Conformance Test Suite and associated resources.  See PSA 5.1.07 Release Notes for further details.

PSA Customers:  The Product Keys for enabling the 2-Pair and 4-Pair PSE Conformance Test Suites are identical to those for the PSA 5.1.05 and 5.1.06 releases issued in May and June of 2020.   They may also be obtained from the Support (Product Downloads) pages for registered users with active tracking service.

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