PSA 4.2 Release: Summary PSA, PSL, PVA, and PDA-LLDP Customers

Release Notes

The PSA 4.2 Release Notes are applicable to the PowerSync Analyzer (PSA), the PowerSync Programmable Load (PSL), and the PhyView Analyzer (PVA) instruments. The PSA 4.2 release also includes updated Reference Manuals and Installation Manuals for the PSA-3000, PSL-3000, PSA-3002-SA, and PVA-3000 solutions.

Support for PSA-3202 and PSL-3202

PSA Software 4.2 is the first software release from Sifos that will support new PSA-3202 and PSL-3202 test blades for the PSA-3000. PSA-3202 and PSL-3202 test blades are designed to support future testing applications under the emerging IEEE 802.3bt PoE standard.

Under the 4.2 release, PSA-3202 test blades may be used interchangeably with PSA-3102 test blades to perform 802.3at PSE Conformance Testing, 802.3at PSE Multi-Port Testing, LLDP Analysis, and 4-pair proprietary PSE port analysis. PSA-3202 and PSA-3102 test blades may be combined in any configuration of 12 blades in a PSA-3000 chassis.

Under the 4.2 release, PSL-3202 load blades may be used interchangeably with PSL-3102 load blades to perform 802.3at PSE Multi-Port Testing, LLDP Analysis, and 4-pair proprietary PSE port loading. PSL-3202 and PSL-3102 load blades may be combined in any configuration of 12 blades in a PSL-3000 chassis.

Both the PSA-3202 and the PSL-3202 offer 10/100Base-T LLDP interfaces and they offer the ability to perform 4-pair PSE loading, testing, and analysis from either Port 1 or Port 2. As a consequence, future 802.3bt PSE conformance testing will be able to sequence up to 24 PSE ports in a single PSA-3000 chassis. PSA-3202 and PSL-3202 test blades enable continuous 4-pair loading of up to 12 PSE ports up to 100 watts each.

Preliminary 802.3bt Support

Under PowerShell PSA, PSA 4.2 software includes various low level configuration and metering features for new PSA-3202 and PSL-3202 test blades that will be useful in future 802.3bt testing and PD emulation. In particular, a new high level utility, power_bt, enables flexible emulation of 802.3bt PD’s including Single or Dual Signature and PD Classes 1-8. Used in conjunction with PSA-3202 ports, this utility can capture and display waveforms of voltages or current throughout the complete 4-pair powering sequence.

New PoE Service Analyzer

The PSA 4.2 release includes a new PSE Service Analyzer application that supports highly robust testing of both Type-1 and Type-2, including LLDP, PoE service at any PD connection point. The PSE Service Analyzer far surpasses PoE testing and interoperability analysis available in more common service testing devices.

Powerful New Programming Editor for PSA/PVA Software Development

With the PSA 4.2 release, developers working with PowerShell PSA to produce automation software can take advantage of the powerful features of Notepad++ enhanced with a syntaxknowledgeable library for PowerShell PSA. The capabilities of Notepad++ well exceed earlier solutions based upon AnyEdit so that developers can create complex software with faster and less frequent debugging required.

Additional PSA 4.2 Enhancements

Please see the following PSA 4.2 and PSA 4.2.01 Release Notes for additional enhancements:

PSA 4.2 Release Notes
PSA 4.2.01 Release Note

PSA / PVA Firmware Versions

While PSA 4.2 software supports many older firmware versions, the recommended versions are:

– PSA/PSL-3000 Controller: Version 3.13 or newer
– PSA/PSL-3202 Test Port: Version 4.0B or newer
– PSA/PSL-3102 or PSA-3002 Test Port: Version 3.24 or newer
– PVA-3102 or PVA-3002 Test Port: Version 3.0B or newer


The PSA-3000 Installation Manual and PSA-3000 Setup Chart are updated for the PSA 4.2 software release. The PSA-3000, PSL-3000, PVA-3000, and PSA-3002-SA Reference Manuals are also updated for the PSA 4.2 release. Sifos is distributing updated Reference Manuals and CD’s to customers with PSE Conformance Test Suite for Tracking Service. Other users may access updated literature after registration and login on the Sifos website.

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