PowerSync Analyzer: A Family of PSE Testers

Configurable Instruments & Software for Testing PoE Power Sourcing Equipment. What do you need in a PSE Tester?


Most Comprehensive
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Lowest Cost Per Port
PSL PSE Tester

Test Suites & Options

*Requires PSA-3000 or PSA-3402
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*Requires PSA-3000
or PSL-3000
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PowerSync Analyzer

Sifos Technologies offers the PowerSync® Analyzer in two form factors: The multi-slot PSA-3000 and the compact PSA-3402. Both PSE testers support the world’s most comprehensive and automated PSE Conformance Test Suites covering PSE’s that power up to 30W on 2-pairs and up to 90W on 4-pairs. 


Connects up to 24 PSE ports and provides access to the PSE  Conformance Test Suite, the Multi-Port Suite, and LLDP Emulation and Analysis.


Compact and transportable configuration supporting PSE Conformance Test Suite and LLDP Emulation and Analysis options.

Key Features

PSA-3000 / PSL-3000 Software

Included with every PSA-3000 / PSL-3000 instrument are PSA Interactive (GUI) and PowerShell PSA (script automation) software. Whether running test suites, setting up PD emulations, analyzing specific PSE behaviors, or automating QA tests, PSA Software enables high productivity and rapid results.​ 

General Features

PSA Interactive

PowerShell PSA Software

PSE Conformance Test Suites

Whether testing single port injectors or 48 port PSE’s, Sifos offers the ultimate solution to assess PSE conformance to all applicable IEEE specifications. With the click of a button, fully automated testing and reporting delivers comprehensive and informative results including difficult-to-spot intermittent conformance behaviors.   

2-Pair 802.3bt / 802.3at PSE's

4-Pair 802.3bt PSE's

PoE PSE Conformance Test
Play Video

Click above to see a video introduction to the highly automated PSE Conformance Test Suite for 2-Pair, 802.3at PSE’s.
(~12 min.)

PowerSync Programmable Load

The PSL-3000 is Sifos’ lowest cost-per-port solution for PSE loading and testing.  The PSL-3000 includes both the PSA Interactive and PowerShell PSA software environments and, like the PSA-3000, is fully certified to industry safety and emmissions standards.

Key Features

Multi-Port Suite

While most PSE ports are part of multi-port PSE, behaviors of such systems of PSE ports are beyond the scope of IEEE 802.3 specifications.  The one-of-a-kind Multi-Port Suite enables flexible emulation of many PD’s and fully automated testing of PSE port administration and power management behaviors while powering up to 192 Type-1, Type-2, or Type-3 (Class 4) PD’s. 

2-Pair Multi-Port Test Suite

Live PD Emulation

Play Video

Click above to see a video introduction to the fully automated PSE Multi-Port Test Suite for 2-Pair PSE’s
(~34 min.)

Open Sample Report

LLDP Emulation and Analysis

The optional LLDP Emulation feature allows a PSA-3000 or PSL-3000 test port to behave just like an 802.3at or 802.3bt PD that uses LLDP to convey its power demands.  802.3 PoE LLDP is a special variant of LLDP protocol that involves handshakes and protocol timing between a PSE and a PD.

802.3at and 802.3bt PD Emulation and Protocol Analysis

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