PoE Service Analyzer

Comprehensive Assessment of 2-Pair (802.3at) PoE Service at Any PD Outlet.  The only PoE Service Tester built on Sifos PowerSync® Analyzer technology.

PSA-3002-SA PoE Service Analyzer

The most comprehensive PoE Service Tester available.  Combine with your Windows laptop to fully qualify and troubleshoot PoE service at any PD outlet.

The PoE Service Analyzer is easily configured to run a fully automated analysis of PoE service characteristics at any PD connection point.   One-click automation runs the industry’s most comprehensive evaluation of PoE service viability wherever PD’s connect to the network.

The automated Service Test discovers and reports on all attributes and capabilities of a 2-Pair PoE Service including the use of PoE LLDP for PD power provisioning.

Service Analyzer and PoE Tester Report

The automated PoE Service Test produces a colorful and graphical Microsoft Excel spreadsheet report covering essential PoE service attributes and characteristics such as PD detection viability, power capacity by PD classification, power inrush and power transient support, and safety disconnect features.

Any deficiencies or limitations of the PoE service are clearly annotated within the report.

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