PSA-3000 and PDA-600 Instruments Re-Certified for 802.3at EA PoE Logo Testing

EA Logo Certification Testing of 802.3at PSE’s and PD’s

Sifos Technologies has completed re-certification of the PSA-3000, including current version hardware, firmware, and PSA 5.2 software to perform Ethernet Alliance (EA) PoE Logo first party certification testing of PSE’s (Power Sourcing Equipment).   The approved test equipment now includes PSA-3000 test blade versions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 with current firmware versions 4.17 (PSA-3202), 3.2b (PSA-3102), and also PSA-3402 and PSA-3002 compact PowerSync Analyzers.   

Sifos has also completed re-certification of the PDA-600 family, including the PDA-604A, the PDA-602B, and the PDA-602A for EA PoE logo certification of 802.3at Powered Devices.  The approved configurations include current version PDA 1.8 software and current version firmware  (v2.07 for PDA-602B, PDA-604A and 1.09 for PDA-602A).

First Party Certification Testing means that PSE and PD manufacturers may perform PoE Logo certification testing in-house using approved configurations from Sifos Technologies.  For further details, see EA Approved Test Equipment.

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