PSA 5.3.04 Software Released

PSA 5.3.04 software was released on November 15, 2023.   This release includes a number of enhancements to the 2-Pair and 4-Pair PSE Conformance Test Suites along with an assortment of other features and bug fixes.  See PSA 5.3.04 Release Notes for further details on this release.

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Available Now! PDA Software Version 3.0

PDA-600 Software Version 3.0 introduces a completely new software user interface in PDA Interactive.  PDA-600 users will benefit from fast instrument configurations, smart PSE emulations, and more rapid and intuitive measurements.  See a preview of the new PSE/PD tab menu in PDA Interactive.   PDA 3.0 software is now available from the Support (Software Updates) page

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PSA 5.3.02 Software Released

PSA 5.3.02 software is now available.  This version introduces N-Pair Intelligent Live PD Emulation for the PSL-3424 Programmable Load along with revised user interface to Live PD Emulation.   Also included are enhancements to PHY Performance Test Suite reporting and numerous minor enhancements to PSE Conformance Test Suites.   See 5.3.02 Release Notes for further details.

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PSA 5.3.01 Software Released

Sifos has released PSA Software version 5.3.01.    This new release includes modifications and enhancements to the 4-Pair PSE Conformance Test Suite and is accompanied by new firmware, version 4.19, for the PSA-3202 test blades and PSA-3402 Compact PSA.  Also included are minor enhancements to the 2-Pair PSE Conformance Test Suite and the PhyView Analyzer

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Enhancing PoE Experience Webinar

Sifos’ Peter Johnson, VP of Engineering, participated in Ethernet Alliance’s Enhancing PoE Experience webinar. The following summary is from the Ethernet Alliance website: The Ethernet Alliance test labs continue to identify Power over Ethernet devices failing to fully comply with IEEE 802.3 standards. Devices that don’t comply may not work as expected leading to interoperability issues over the lifetime of

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PSA Software Version 5.3 Released!

Sifos has released PSA software version 5.3 (5.3.00) for the PowerSync Analyzer, Programmable Loads, and PhyView Analyzer.  This release introduces a significant change to the 2-Pair PSE Conformance Test Suite enabling Type-2 or Type-3 30W PSE’s to be tested in a Single Pass where both Type-1 and Type-2 PD’s are emulated.  PSA 5.3 software also

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PSA 5.2.05 Software Released

Sifos has published PSA Software version 5.2.05 for all PowerSync Analyzer, PowerSync Programmable Load, and PhyView Analyzer instruments.  This release is particularly recommended for PowerSync Analyzer customers using the 4-Pair PSE Conformance Test Suite.  PSA 5.2.05 is also approved for EA first party certification testing of PSE’s.  See the PSA 5.2.05 Release Notes for further

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Sifos PSE and PD Test Solutions Certified for Ethernet Alliance Gen 2 PoE Logo Testing

The Ethernet Alliance has qualified the Sifos PSA-3000 to perform comprehensive Gen 2 (802.3bt) PSE logo certification testing and has also certified the Sifos PDA-604 to  perform Gen 2 PD logo certification testing.   Both instrument systems have also been re-qualified under the same software releases for Gen 1 (802.3at) PoE logo certification testing.  PSE and

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