Announcing… A New Generation PSA-3000 for IEEE 802.3at Today, IEEE 802.3bt Tomorrow!

New PSA-3202 test blades and PSL-3202 load blades extend the PSA-3000 family into the future of industry standard 4-pair PSE testing. Plug compatible with today’s PSA-3102’s and PSL-3102’s the PSA-3202’s and PSL-3202’s open the door to future 802.3bt testing requirements.

Sifos is pleased to introduce a new generation of test blades that are fully compatible with all existing PSA-3000 chassis-based systems while offering a clear growth path to IEEE 802.3bt PSE testing in the future. The PSA-3202 will replace PSA-3102 as the standard test blades for the PSA-3000 system and the PSL-3202 will replace the PSL-3102 as the standard load blade for the PSL-3000 programmable load. PSA software version 4.2, available now, supports interchangeable configurations of PSX-3202 and PSX-3102 in PSA-3000 systems.

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