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Technical Standards 

Sifos Technologies is a participant in the IEEE 802.3bt DTE Power via MDI over 4-Pair and IEEE 802.3bu 1-Pair Power over Data Lines (PoDL) Task Forces.  Sifos Technologies also participated in the past IEEE 802.3at DTE Power Enhancements and IEEE 802.3af DTE Power via MDI Task Forces.

Sifos Technologies is a participant in the ENERGY STAR® Large Network Equipment product specification development effort and also participated in the Telephone and Small Network Equipment product specification development efforts.

Test Laboratories

Sifos Technologies has provided equipment, services and co-authorized papers with each of the following Ethernet test organizations to support PoE-related Conformance and System Testing.


Technology Alliances


The Ethernet Alliance is a global, non-profit, industry consortium of member organizations that are dedicated to the continued success and advancement of Ethernet technologies.