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Calibration and Standard Repair Services

Sifos Techologies offers calibration services designed to assure that each test instrument performs to at least the same level of accuracy as it did when originally purchased.   Periodic calibration of Sifos test instruments is the best way to instill confidence that every product tested is evaluated to the highest possible and most current level of performance offered by Sifos.

Calibration services are available for the following products:

PowerSync Analyzers and Programmable Loads:
PSA-3000, PSA-3002, PSA-3048, PSA-3102, PSA-3202, PSA-3248
PSL-3000, PSL-3024, PSL-3102, PSL-3202, PSL-3224

PhyView Analyzer
PVA-3000, PVA-3002, PVA-3102

Powered Device Analyzer
PDA-602A, PDA-602B, PDA-604A, PDA-300

Sifos also offers standard repair services for all Sifos test instruments and associated hardware.   All product repairs are typically performed with rapid turn-around at the Sifos factory.

Contact Sifos or your local Sifos distributors for further information and calibration and standard repair service quotations.