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PSE Multi-Port Suite

The PSE Multi-Port Suite takes the PowerSync Analyzer and it’s proven PSE Conformance Test Capabilities into the realm of fully automated PSE System Power Management, Capacity Analysis, and Multi-Port Timing / Interaction testing covering up to 192 total PSE ports.  This set of highly unique capabilities enable product developers and QA professionals to gain totally new insights into PoE system characteristics and behaviors. At the heart of the PSE Multi-Port Suite is the ability to rapidly define and apply a wide range of Powered Device emulation attributes to a large field of PSE ports.

The PSE Multi-Port Suite consists of two components:

The PSE Multi-Port 2 (2nd Generation) Test Suite for 802.3at

The PSE Multi-Port Test Suite is a component of the PSE Multi-Port Suite for PowerSync® Analyzers and Programmable Loads. This fully automated group of tests and reporting takes the PowerSync® Analyzer (PSA) and it’s proven PSE Conformance Testing Capabilities into the realm of fully automated PSE System Power Management and Multi-Port Behavior testing. 

Whereas PSE Conformance Testing assesses compliance of each stand-alone PSE port to 802.3at specifications, Multi-Port Testing assesses system-wide behaviors only observable when many PD’s are powered by a PSE. The PSE Multi-Port Test Suite will acquire and distill information regarding key behaviors of a PSE including class-based power administration, multi-port LLDP granting, power-up and LLDP grant timing, static power capacity, transient reserve capacity, power down timing, power-per-port uniformity and uncertainty, and power stress test analyses.

 See the Multi-Port 2 Test Suite Video Presentation:

Multi-Port 2 Test Suite Video Overview       34 min.

Multi-Port 2 Test Suite Datasheet:

PSE Multi-Port 2 Test Suite Overview 

Multi-Port Live 802.3at PD Emulation

Multi-Port Live 802.3at PD Emulation is available to all PSA-3000 and PSL-3000 platforms enabled for the PSE Multi-Port Suite.  Using Live PD Emulation, users can rapidly model 802.3at Powered Devices (PD) with power loads up to and exceeding 30 watts per port and with full PoE LLDP power negotiation and power throttling emulations.   During Live Emulation, each PSA / PSL-3000 test port takes on the characteristics and personality of an actual user-defined PD including PD classification, load power, cable loss power, LLDP capability, and Type-1 startup/throttle-back power.   Emulated PD's on up to 192 PSE ports will behave just as would actual PD's when PSE's disconnect and restore power.

Multi-Port Live PD Emulation Datasheet:

Multi-Port Live PD Emulation

The PSE Multi-Port Suite is offered as a license option to the following products:


The following obsolete products also can be licensed to support the PSE Multi-Port Suite:

with PSA-3102 blades

Multi-Port 2 Test Suite & Live PD Emulation in PSA Interactive

PSA Interactive Multi-Port Suite Resource Configuration Menu


PSA Interactive Multi-Port 2 Test Suite Automated Sequencer Menu

PSA Interactive Multi-Port Live PD Emulation Menu