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PDA-LLDP Powered Device LLDP Analyzer

See the new PDA-602A - the 3rd generation solution from Sifos
for fully automated 802.3at PD analysis and verification, including PoE LLDP
emulation and analysis, in a single instrument.

The IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) standard requires that all "Type-2" (>13Watt) Powered Devices support the new PoE LLDP protocol.    This protocol allows PSE's and Powered Devices (PD) to communicate power requirements and power allocations with 0.1 watt granularity.   It also allows for in-service adjustments to power allocations.

Unlike traditional LLDP (Layer 2) protocol, PoE LLDP involves messaging "hand-shakes" and includes protocol timing requirements.  Hence, PD testing requires flexible PSE-side protocol emulation.   Ideally, this testing is combined with actual power monitoring functionality as can be provided by the Sifos PDA-300 Load Monitor.

The PDA-LLDP serves as a flexible, configurable emulator of PSE LLDP protocols with full ability to process PD requests and provide user-specified power allocations.   Key features include: 

  • Enables Powered Device Verification to IEEE 802.3 Clauses 33 and 79
  • Flexible PSE LLDP Modeling and Configuration
  • One-Button LLDP Protocol Capture and Analysis
  • Enables Flexible Emulation of 802.3at Type-2 LLDP PSE’s when combined with a Sifos PDA-300
  • Compact, Portable 2-Port Emulation
  • Overcomes Coverage Limitations of End-Span & Mid-Span PSE’s
  • PSA Interactive Graphical User Interface
  • PowerShell PSA Automation Scripting
  • Pop-Up Excel Spreadsheet Protocol Trace Reports

 PDA-LLDP Datasheet  

           PoE+ PD Testing with PDA-300 & PDA-LLDP 







 PDA-LLDP Graphical User Interface Software


 PDA-LLDP Protocol Trace Capture to Microsoft Excel