PDA-604A Powered Device Analyzer

Comprehensive 802.3bt and 802at PD Analysis

  • 4-Pair and 2-Pair Powering and Analysis of All 802.3bt / 802.3at PD’s
  • Fully Configurable Classification and 802.3bt / 802.3at Power Grants
  • Continuous PD Powering to >82 Watts at All PD Input Voltages
  • Comprehensive Analysis of 802.3bt / 802.3at PD Performance Parameters
  • Automated IEEE 802.3at* Powered Device Conformance Testing
  • Flexible 802.3bt / 802.3at LLDP Emulation and LLDP Protocol Analysis
  • Powerful Metering: Voltage, Current, & Power Sampling at the PD Interface
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface for Rapid Analysis and Testing
  • Powerful Script Automation and Binary API Library for Microsoft Windows
  • Informative Pop-Up Spreadsheet Reports and Statistics
  • Plug’n Play USB Interface to Windows PC’
  • LAN Port for External PD Configuration and Control During Testing








Scale the PDA-604A to your needs!
License options include 802.3bt Type-3/4 PD testing, automated Conformance test for 802.3at with Load Monitoring for 802.3bt/802.3at, 802.3at LLDP Protocol Emulation & Testing, and 802.3bt LLDP Protocol Emulation & Testing.

See PDA-604A Datasheet


The PDA-604A Powered Device Analyzer is a single-box comprehensive solution for testing IEEE 802.3bt and 802.3at PoE Powered Devices (PD’s).  It offers one-button, fully automated test sequences and limit checking for critical Powered Device PoE characteristics.   With measurements performed at the Powered Device network interface, many parameters critical to 802.3at and 802.3bt interoperation can be accurately assessed relative to 802.3 specification requirements, thus fully avoiding the need for and the severe limitations associated with 802.3at/802.3bt PSE’s.

802bt 4-Pair Load Monitor


802.3bt LLDP Protocol Trace


PDA Interactive Analyze (Metering) Menu

PDA Interactive 802.3at Conformance
Test Menu

PDA Interactive LLDP Menu