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August, 2018
Sifos Technologies Introduces the
New Compact PowerSync Analyzer for
IEEE 802.3bt Power over Ethernet
The Leader in Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Test introduces the new PSA-3402 2-Port Compact PowerSync Analyzer to extend the currently available PSA-3000 family for 4-pair 802.3bt PSE testing with a small, light weight, transportable instrument with built-in power supply.  Fully compatible with today's PSA-3002 2-Port Compact PowerSync Analyzer for 802.3at the PSA-3402 opens the door to future 802.3bt testing. 
Sifos Technologies, Inc. ( introduces the new 2-Port Compact PowerSync Analyzer solution to facilitate complete testing and analysis of Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) behaviors including overall compliance to the IEEE 802.3at and emerging 802.3bt specifications. Each test port inside a PowerSync Analyzer is an autonomous and fully isolated instrument offering a rich set of stimulus and measurement resources for 2-Pair PSE testing.  Together, both PSA-3402 test ports can be configured as an autonomous and fully isolated instrument for testing 802.3bt and pre-standard 4-Pair PSE's.
The PSA-3402 may be optioned via a license key to run the world's most advanced 802.3at PSE Conformance Test Suite. This fully automated application applies the PowerSync Analyzer's diverse resources to assess over 70 IEEE 802.3at specification parameters per port, presented in easily readable spreadsheet reports with multi-port statistics, and clearly notated pass/fail limit analysis. The PowerSync Analyzer and the PSE Conformance Test Suite may be used to qualify PSE's for the Ethernet Alliance PoE Logo under the Ethernet Alliance PoE Certification Program.
The IEEE 802.3at specification introduced a generation of PSE's and Powered Devices (PD's) that communicate precise power demands and allocations using Ethernet layer 2 (LLDP) protocols. The PSA-3402 may be optioned via a license key to flexibly emulate PD's and to analyze the power negotiation protocols between PSE's and PD's. 
The PSA-3402 offers capability to fully emulate emerging 802.3bt compliant PD's for the purpose of testing new Type-3 and Type-4 PSE's that provide over 90W of power. Starting in 2018, PSA 5.0 software will open the door to comprehensive 802.3bt PSE analysis and automated test development. Under current PSA 4.2 software, users may configure and observe signaling during 802.3bt compliant 4-pair power-up sequences while connected to either test port. Emulations include single and dual signatures, multi-event classes, and flexible 4-pair loading to over 99 watts.  Key features include: 
  • Industry Leading IEEE 802.3at PoE PSE Conformance Tests
  • Hardware / Firmware Ready for IEEE 802.3bt PSE Testing
  • Continuous 2-Pair PSE Loading > 47 Watts Per Test Port (2 Test Ports)
  • Continuous 4-Pair PSE Loading to > 99 Watts (Either Test Port)
  • Replaces All General Purpose Test Equipment & Fixtures
  • One-Button 2-Pair and 4-Pair PSE Waveform Analysis
  • Small, Light Weight, Transportable with Built-In Power Supply
  • Flexible Powered Device LLDP Emulation and LLDP Analysis
  • Flexible and Accurate Measurements of Voltage, Current, Noise
  •  Noise Immune Triggering, Transients, and Time Interval Measurements
  • Supports PSE Packet Transmission Testing with PoE Loads
  • Smart Fan Control - Runs Cool and Quiet
  • High Level Script Automation and Graphical User Interface
The PSA-3402 is well suited to early device qualification and design verification applications as well as to field application and support activities. Test plans and software developed with the PSA-3402 are readily extendable into PSA-3000 (24-port) and PSA-3248 (48-port) test
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