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PDA-602B Remote Interface Capabilities

PowerShell PDA Software

The PDA-602B provides a robust, Tcl/Tk-based script development environment consisting of intuitive commands for configuring PDA-602B resources, performing measurements, running PD Conformance Tests, Load Monitor streams, and LLDP protocol traces.   PowerShell PDA supports interpreted, immediate execute commands and queries from a command shell with the ability to build automated test scripts using both PDA commands and the wealth of programming commands available with Tcl/Tk.   Scripting and debugging dedicated, customized test scripts for volume QA or manufacturing is a very natural application for PowerShell PDA.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive, High Level, Interpreted Commands
  • Easy and Powerful Scripting and Debugging
  • Two Command Shell Options:  Tcl and Wish (with Tk support)
  • Access to PD Conformance Test Suite and Load Monitor
  • Ideal for Manufacturing Test Development

PDA-600 Application Programming Interface

PDA-600 software, including PowerShell PDA and PDA Interactive, are built on top of a binary API library that can be accessed from any programming language able to link Windows DLL’s and call Win32 functions.   In many cases, there is a one-to-one relationship between PowerShell PDA commands such as those in Table 3 and underlying API calls accessible to other programming languages such as Microsoft Visual Basic, National Instruments LabView, or Python scripting language.

Key Features:

  • Add PDA-600 Programming to Your Language of Choice
  • Access to Configurations, Meters, Load Monitor, and PD Conformance Test Suite
  • Program in C, C++, Visual Basic, LabView, Python, etc
  • Dedicated Binary API Reference Manual



PDA-602B Datasheet