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PD Test, Engineering & QA:
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PD Hardware Design and Design Evaluation
802.3at Conformance Demonstration
PD Interop Troubleshooting
Field Qualification and Evaluation of PD's
Ethernet Alliance PoE Logo Certfication Program:   See PDA-602 802.3at Test Suite
PD Hardware Design and Design Evaluation
PD Classification / Power Request Validation
PD Interop Troubleshooting
Field Qualification and Evaluation of PD's
PDA-602 Load Monitor

Type-2 PD Firmware Design and Design Evaluation
PD Power Request Validation

802.3at LLDP Protocol Verification / Troubleshooting
PD Qualification to Many Type-2 Managed PSE's

PDA-602 LLDP Testing & Analysis
PD Ethernet Interface Verification - Physical Layer Analysis PD Ethernet Port Analysis


PDA-602 802.3at Test Suite

The PDA-602 offers an optional 802.3at PD Conformance Test Suite and associated reporting that may be further optioned for Type-1 or Type-1 & 2 PD testing, including PoE LLDP protocol testing.   This “one-button” test suite produces over 50 limit-checked PD parameters.  The suite is hosted on a Windows PC and is accessible from PDA Interactive (GUI) software, from the PowerShell PD scripting environment, or from any programming language interfacing Windows DLL’s.  Test results are automatically captured to informative Microsoft Excel spreadsheet reports that annotate problem areas and provide multi-unit statistics.

Key Features:

  • Fully Automated Testing of IEEE 802.3at PD Parameters
  • Scalable: Standard Type-1; License Options for Type-2 and LLDP
  • Test 1 to 4 Quadrants (Alt-A,B,MDI,MDI-X)
  • Test Up to 10 Cycles for Statistics
  • Colorful Pop-Up Spreadsheet Reports - 1 Page/Quadrant
  • Test Parameter and PICS Coverage Documentation 

     PDA-602B Datasheet 

     PDA-602 PICS Coverage 

PDA-602B Load Monitor

Under PDA Interactive software, the PDA-602B offers powerful real time tools for analysis of PD power draw over arbitrary periods of time to enable limit checking of static and transient PD power-loads relative to PD Class or LLDP-established powering limits.   PD’s may be remotely configured and controlled while the Load Monitor collects and presents data as well as any limit violations.   Load power samples can be exported to Excel files for subsequent off-line processing.

 Key Features:

  • Observe PD Instantaneous and Average Power Continuously in Real Time
  • Monitor for Pclass_PD, Ppeak_Pd, and Tcut Window Violations
  • Trap and Stop on Violations
  • Interact over LAN with PD-Under-Test During Monitor Session
  • Export Time-Power Samples and Limit Violations to Excel Files
  • Scale to Include Type-2 and Type-2 LLDP PD Analysis
  • Automatic Violation Limits Adjust to PD LLDP Requests

PDA-602B Datasheet 


PDA-602 LLDP Analysis and PSE Emulation

With the LLDP feature option, the PDA-602 can flexibly mimic Type-2 PSE’s that deploy PoE LLDP.   While emulating user-defined PSE LLDP behaviors, the PDA-602 can collect and analyze PoE LLDP protocol and report any specification violations within that protocol exchange.  PoE LLDP protocol exchanges between the PD-under-test and the emulated PSE are captured to Excel spreadsheet reports where any content or timing related violations are reported.   The PD can be managed and operate over the network while emulated LLDP traffic flows between the PDA-602 and the PD.

Key Features:

  • Flexible PSE Emulation: Configure Tx Rate, PSE allocation, PSE Response Time, etc.
  • Enable PD Conformance Testing with 802.3at LLDP
  • Enable Load Monitor Analysis with 802.3at LLDP
  • Automatic Protocol Violation Checks in Colorful Excel Report

PDA-602B Datasheet