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Ethernet Signal Integrity/ Signal Quality at Any Ethernet Outlet
Link Integrity / Reliability by Link Rate at Any Ethernet Outlet
Rapid 4-Pair Insertion Loss Measurements
Rapid 4-Pair Bulk Return Loss Measurements
Rapid 4-Pair Bulk Crosstalk Measurements
Channel Distortion / Ingress Noise Analysis
Power-over-Ethernet 802.3at InteroperabilityQualification at Any Ethernet Outlet
Flexible PD Emulation and PoE Service Response Assessment
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Ethernet Outlet Qualification with PVA-3002

When an Ethernet interface is connected to an Ethernet outlet, it will encounter physical layer signaling that is at least somewhat degraded from ideal, depending on the quality of the link connection (cabling, distance, patch cords, patch panels, ambient noise, etc.) as well as the performance characteristics of the link parter Ethernet port at the other end of the link.   Most Ethernet interfaces are designed to tolerate mild degradation with no loss in link performance.

As link quality drops off, link performance may suffer as packets are dropped in one or both directions, or may suffer more significantly when link speed drops from 1000mbps to 100mbps to 10mbps.  Most network users and even network administrators have little or no visibility into these types of potentially dramatic drop-offs in link performance.

The PVA-3002 can be used to assess link performance at any Ethernet outlet.  It will characterize incoming signal quality and integrity as well as assess outgoing (or upstream) transmission performance.  

Key features include: 

  • Assess 10/100/1000 Signal Quality at Any Ethernet Outlet 
  • Ethernet Link and Incoming Signal Quality Measurements such as SNR, Spectral Distortion, Return Loss, and Crosstalk 
  • Assess Upstream Link Quality at 10, 100, 1000BaseT with Link Stability Measurements

     PVA-3000 Datasheet 

Ethernet Link Analysis with PVA-3002

Traditionally, measurements of Ethernet link tranmission characteristics have been the realm of vector network analyzers coupled to balun fixtures to mate a balanced twisted pair UTP or STP cable into a coaxial 50ohm instrument.   More recently, service oriented products have emerged that include several high-end, "hand-held" testers that assess cabling parameters "in the field".

While the predominant applictions of the PhyView Analyzer pertain to testing Ethernet ports, the PVA-3002 also can perform as a 2-port, calibrated network analyzer to assess critical parameters associated with 4-pair cabling links, including links that may have active repeaters.   In this application, the PVA-3002 offers the following key features:

  • Perform 4-Pair, 2-Port Insertion Loss over Frequency to 100MHz

  • Perform 4-Pair Bulk Return Loss and Pair-Pair Crosstalk Measurements 
  • Perform Pair Skew and SNR Characterizations

  • Assess Cables, Patch Panels, Passive Interconnects, Repeaters

    PVA-3000 Datasheet 

PSA-3002-SA Service Analyzer

PoE technology is challenged with the delivery of robust and safe power over a cabling infrastructure that was designed primarily for low power, high frequency signals. The challenge of safe and effective PoE goes well beyond the ability to place a 50 Volt source onto a twisted pair LAN cable.  

The PSA-3002-SA PoE Service Analyzer marries the Sifos PSA-3002 Compact PowerSync Analyzer with specialized application software to enable the most comprehensive and fully automated testing available for PoE analysis and qualification at a Powered Device service access point.   The fully automated tests available go well beyond standard power-up and line voltage measurements found in low cost, hand-held analyzers to fully assess interoperability risks, safety hazards, and PoE performance limitations at the connection to any Powered Device.

  • True PoE Interoperability Testing at the Ethernet Outlet
  • Fully Automated Testing and Reporting
  • Assess Power Delivery at the PD by PD Class
  • Verify PoE Service Safety Features
  • Analysis and Troubleshooting for PoE Installations
  • Troubleshoot Intermittent PoE Service Problems
  • Graphically View Signals and Waveforms at the PD Outlet

    PSA-3002-SA Datasheet