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10/100/1000Base-T Verification:
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10/100/1000Base-T Interface Design / Design Verification
10/100/1000Base-T Component Evaluation

  • Transmitter Measurements (4-Pair & 2-Pair)
  • Interface Characterization (4-Pair)
  • Receiver Analysis and Integrity Measurements
  • Link-Up/Auto-Negotiation Characterization
Fully Automated, High Defect Coverage 10/100/1000 Interface Qualification
  • Ethernet Switch Hardware Analysis and Verification
  • Ethernet Switch Hardware Qualification / Normalization (to enable software test)
  • Stand-Alone Ethernet Port Analysis and Verification

Fully Automated, Rapid Screening of 10/100/1000Base-T Ports for
Transmitter and Receiver Performance Characteristics

  • Rapid Multi-Port Screening for Q/A
  • Manufacturing Defect Screening
PVA-VeriPhy @ PVA-3000
10/100/1000Base-T Auto Negotiation Analysis with the PVA-3000 Auto-Neg Analysis with the PVA-3000
Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) Response to DC Unbalance
PSE DC Unbalance Tolerance Analysis
Testing 10/100/1000Base-T Interfaces on Ethernet Powered Devices Powered Device Ethernet Port Analysis


PSE DC Unbalance Tolerance Analysis

Power-over-Ethernet represents a subtle but important impairment to consider in the design and evaluation of PSE switches and midspan PSE's.   Unbalanced splitting of DC current resulting from magnetic imbalances, cabling unbalance, and even RJ-45 connector issues can cause magnetic saturation which in turn distorts and degrades Ethernet signals.   The degree of PSE immunity to DC Unbalance is extremely difficult to characterize.

The PVA-3000 PhyView Analyzer can be combined with the Sifos PowerSync Analyzer (or PowerSync Programmable Load) to perform PSE DC Unbalance immunity measurements with full automation at the single click of a mouse.  The DC Unbalance Test Application is provided as a feature of the PhyView Analyzer Performance Test Suite (PTS).

For further information, see Sifos Application Note DC Unbalance Tolerance Testing in PSE's.