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A whole new way of verifying 802.3at PD's!
See the new PDA-602A
Overview and Demonstration Video!

What's New

  • PSA 4.1.9 PSA/PVA/PSL Software Available Now!  
  • PDA-602A Version 1.7 Software Available Now!

See Download pages for details.

PDA 1.7 Software

  • New Transient Trigger Mode - Catch PD Intermittents with high resolution traces!
  • Improved PD Violation Analysis in Load Monitor / Conformance Test
  • PDA Interactive Improvements
  • Updated PDA-602A Reference Manual

PSA 4.1 Software

  • Unique Multi-Port 2nd Generation Test Suite for 802.3at (see Product page and Video Overview!)
  • Enhanced PSE Conformance Test Suite for PSA-3000
  • Enhanced PHY Performance Test Suite for PVA-3000
  • New Flexible 4-Pair PSE Analysis in PSA Interactive / PSL Interactive
  • Improved 4-Pair PSE Emulation and Modeling
  • New Test Reports for PSE Conformance, PHY Performance, and LLDP Trace Analysis

Current version PSA 4.1 software is highly recommended to all PVA-3000 and PHY Performance Test Suite users.   See the PSA / PSL / PVA download page for further information.