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New From Sifos!

New Home for Sifos!
Effective June 1, Sifos has relocated from Tewksbury, Massachusetts to Andover, Massachusetts, USA.  See CONTACT US for new address and telephone information.

PSA Software 4.2.6
PSA version 4.2.6 is available now for PowerSync Analyzer and PhyView Analyzer instruments.   See the 4.2.6 Release Notes for further information regarding this new software release.

PDA Software 1.10
PDA software version 1.10 is available now for PDA-600 Powered Device Analyzers.  This version includes a number of minor improvements for PDA-602 instruments while adding to the foundation for the upcoming PDA-604 analyzer.


PDA-602A replacement adds features and performance.  See more at PDA-602B.

PSA-3202/PSL-3202 and PSA-3248 available now for comprehensive 802.3at and emerging 802.3bt PSE testing requirements.  The PSA-3202 and PSL-3202 test blades are plug compatible with existing PSA-3102 and PSL-3102 blades under the PSA 4.2 software release.

PoE Service Analyzer - offering the industry's most comprehensive PoE interoperabilty verification at the PD service outlet.  See PSA-3002-SA.

PSA-3000 "B" chassis improves chassis cooling efficiency and replaces DB-9 RS232 console with USB.

See Download pages for details and updated manuals.