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New From Sifos!
PDA-602B and PDA Software 1.9

PDA-602A replacement adds features and performance.  PDA Software ver1.9 available for all PDA-602 instruments. See more at PDA-602B.

PSA-3202/PSL-3202 and PSA-3248 for comprehensive 802.3at and future 802.3bt PSE testing requirements.  The PSA-3202 and PSL-3202 test blades are plug compatible with existing PSA-3102 and PSL-3102 blades under the PSA 4.2 software release.

PSA 4.2 Software provides full support of upcoming PSA-3202 and PSL-3202 test blades in all existing PSA-3000 systems and extends features for PowerSync Analyzers and PhyView Analyzers.

PoE Service Analyzer - offering the industry's most comprehensive PoE interoperabilty verification at the PD service outlet.  See PSA-3002-SA.

PSA-3000 "B" chassis improves chassis cooling efficiency and replaces DB-9 RS232 console with USB.

PDA 1.8 Software for the PDA-602A.

See Download pages for details and updated manuals.