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A whole new way of verifying 802.3at PD's!

What's New

  • PSA 4.1.4 PSA/PVA/PSL Software Available Now!   See Download pages for details.

PSA 4.1 Software

  • New Multi-Port 2nd Generation Test Suite for 802.3at (see Product page and Video Overview!)
  • Updated PSE Conformance Test Suite    
  • Enhanced PHY Performance Test Suite
  • New Flexible 4-Pair PSE Analysis in PSA Interactive / PSL Interactive
  • Improved 4-Pair PSE Emulation and Modeling
  • New Test Reports for PSE Conformance, PHY Performance, and LLDP Trace Analysis

PSA 4.1 software is highly recommended to all PVA-3000 and PHY Performance Test Suite users.   See the PSA / PSL / PVA download page for further information.


Updated PSA, PSL, and PVA Reference Manuals

All PSA-3000, PSL-3000, PVA-3000, and PDA-LLDP reference manuals have been updated to cover all of the new features and changes associated with the PSA 4.1 software release.  Updated reference manuals will automatically be installed by the new PSA 4.1 software installer.