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New From Sifos!

PSA 5.0.01 Software Available
PSA 5.0.01 adds features in the areas of 802.3bt LLDP emulations, one-click waveforms, and 802.3at PSE Conformance Test.

PSA 5.0 Software Released!
PSA 5.0 software works with PSA-3000 analyzers and PSL-3000 programmable loads to support highly flexible 802.3bt / 802.3at PD emulations and comprehensive PSE analysis using the new PSA Interactive 5 GUI or PowerShell PSA 5.0 automation scripting.  PSA 5.0 fully replaces PSA 4.x software, including full support for PVA-3000 PhyView Analyzers, and is available now on the Product Download pages. 

Introducing the PDA-604A

Analyze 802.3bt and 802.3at PD's with 4-pair or 2-pair powering.  Flexibly emulate 802.3bt Type-3 and Type-4 PSE's while evaluating PD power characteristics, signature characteristics, and LLDP protocols.

Introducing PDA Software 1.15
PDA software version 1.15 is available now for PDA-600 Powered Device Analyzers.  PDA version 1.15 works seamless between PDA-602B and PDA-604A instruments to support high coverage testing and analysis of 802.3bt and 802.3at powered devices.

Introducing the PSA-3402
The PSA-3402 Compact PowerSync Analyzer will fully support 802.3at and 802.3bt PSE testing requirements in a compact, 2-port package.